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Conisus (co-nee-sus) is a network of innovative companies dedicated to improving the care of patients with cancer and blood disorders by delivering superior medical education programs to healthcare professionals. Our goal is to provide world-class oncology content while demonstrating unrivaled service to healthcare professionals, clients, and educational supporters, ensuring that all operations reflect the highest degree of integrity.

Jeff Giampalmi
CEO – Conisus, LLC

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Our Companies

Educational Concepts Group, LLC

Educational Concepts Group, LLC (ECG) specializes in continuing education programs for oncology and hematology professionals.

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Envision Communications

A full-service medical education and communications company

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E Squared Communications, LLC

A global communications company with extensive experience managing US and international initiatives

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S Phase, LLC

A Speakers Bureau company

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Vereo Communications

Vereo (vuh ray oh) is a global medical communications company with a thoughtful, well-considered approach to first-in-class services to clients in specialized therapeutic areas.

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